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4 years on australian market

What Alfred Can Do For You?



Designed to do all the analysing to buy and sell


Reads and analyses the markets and trades


Completely automatic trading System Alfred does everything

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What Alfred Has Been Developed Through

000+ Hours of Rigorous Research

3000+ Hours of Rigorous Research

Myalfred has been executing trades and conducting technical analysis research for 10 years.

Years of Market Out Performance

Years of Market Out Performance

Our algorithm has demonstrated through back testing a real money track record.

Simple & Efficient Process

Simple & Efficient Process

Our easy to use program takes under an hour a week to maintain.



Development was done keeping the end user in mind.

Software Trading Program

What Does Alfred Do?

  • ‘I don’t have the time’
  • ‘I don’t know enough’
  • ‘It’s too late to learn’

These are common things we hear from clients on a daily basis, and this is why Alfred was born. Alfred is a Software Trading Program that has been developed to read the market in real time to do all the buying and selling for you.

What this means is you don’t need to sit in front of a computer reading charts, doing data analysis. There will be no stressing out while waiting for an opportunity to get into the market. He does everything for you, you dont need to lift a finger!!!

We like to think of Alfred as your private butler, catering to your needs while you sit back, relax and let him do all the work. The benefits of using Alfred is that while you’re working and sleeping he's not, so in turn he won’t miss anything, your trading potential is optimized.

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Using A Stop Loss On All Trades

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alferd vision


Delivering a system that eliminates uncertainty and capitalizes on time management, thus enabling our clients to focus on other things in life such as family, business and their personal time.

alferd mission


Our mission is to become an industry leader and preferred choice in providing the latest, most efficient and accurate software that analyzes the market in real time to assist our clients and organizations alike to make informed decisions.

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